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Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd

Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd is one of the leading UK manufacturers of emergency safety showers and eyebaths for the UK water companies.

Meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations

As a company, we strive to offer highest quality products manufactured to the latest safety standards (ANSI Z358.1-2014 and EN15154) as well as meeting both technical and commercial requirements for our clients. Our mission is not just to maintain a healthy business relationship, but it is also to support our clients giving them 100% customer service making us a company at the forefront of the safety shower industry.

With our experience and knowledge, we can offer the best sustainable and cost-effective units to the water and wastewater markets. Our units are fully guaranteed, manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and are low maintenance giving a long and trouble-free life.

Product Range

  • Self-contained tank showers (tepid water), frost protected mains fed showers, portable and mobile showers.
  • Self-contained eyebaths (tepid water), frost protected eyebaths and mains fed eyebaths.
  • Wash down retractable hose reels with optional heavy duty heated cabinet.