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Dutypoint Ltd

Since 1976, Dutypoint has become one of the leading players in fluid technology, trusted by clients in the UK and overseas. Integrity, transparency, accountability and clear communication are crucial to how we do business. We stand by what we say - today and every day.

Since the very beginning, our company has never stood still, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer innovative new products to clients throughout the UK and abroad. Dutypoint was the first manufacturer to achieve WRAS approval for a booster set, showing the company’s commitment to quality and first-rate design. With first-class service and a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share, our commitment is to remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

The Dutypoint range includes a variety of industry-leading products, including:

Cold Water Booster Sets

The Dutypoint range of cold water booster sets presents an optimal solution tailored to diverse project needs. Our booster sets, accredited by WRAS, are meticulously designed to align with any project specification.

Whether confronted with spatial constraints, unconventional plant room layouts, high-flow rate demands, or the imperative for uninterrupted operation, we possess the expertise to craft a customised solution tailored to your exact specifications.

Each booster set is precisely crafted to order, allowing our clients to benefit from a fully personalised service encompassing design, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance. Our in-house design team stand ready to collaborate, shaping a bespoke unit that precisely meets your unique needs.


The perfect solution to a lack of plant room space, each QuadraTANK™ has an integrated water storage tank and booster set housed in a kiosk, all within weatherproof housing. The unit is available in a vast range of sizes and arrives at the site set up and ready, leading to savings in space and on-site installation time.