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Providing a remote location with a continuous water supply - a plug-and-play solution

Delivery of the QuadraTANK™

Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park comprises 185 plots is located in a very remote part of Wales. There is a single borehole water supply and no structures to house a booster or tank.

Dutypoint was challenged with identifying a robust, reliable solution and following collaboration with the client, the project team installed an appropriately sized, WRAS-approved QuadraTANK™, featuring an integrated water storage tank and booster set housed in a kiosk and encased in weatherproof housing. The unit also featured additional connections for future scalability.

With its ready-to-use attributes, straightforward installation, and compact design, the QuadraTANK™ proved to be a textbook plug-and-play solution. The unit was tailored to the scope and limitations of the project whilst not compromising the picturesque aesthetic of Meadow Springs Country & Leisure Park.

QuadraTANK™ with Additional wash-down/Irrigation hose reel

QuadraTANK™ with Additional wash-down/Irrigation hose reel

About QuadraTANK™

QuadraTANK™ is the perfect solution to a lack of plant room space; each QuadraTANK™ has an integrated water storage tank and booster set housed in a kiosk, all within weatherproof housing.

The unit is available in a huge range of sizes and is delivered to the site set up and ready, leading to savings in space and on-site installation time. In addition, most booster sets from the Dutypoint range can be installed within a QuadraTANK™.


For more information about Dutypoint Ltd | 01452 300110 |

For more information about QuadraTANK™  | 01452 300110 | QuadraTANK™

About Dutypoint Ltd

Since 1976, Dutypoint has become one of the leading players in fluid technology, trusted by clients in the UK and overseas. Integrity, transparency, accountability and clear communication are crucial to how we do business. We stand by what we say – today and every day. The Dutypoint range includes a variety of industry-leading products, including cold water booster sets and QuadraTANK™.