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ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

ERG (Air Pollution Control) Limited is the leading supplier of waste water odour control systems for the UK Water Industry and increasingly supplies odour control systems around the world.

In the past 10 years, we have provided over 200 odour control systems and count all of the UK water companies and major main contractors among our clients. So whether you are looking for a large, multi-stage chemical scrubbing system, an environmentally friendly biofilter or bioscrubber system, a simple but efficient activated carbon or dry media system, or a complete DryCat system, ERG can develop a tailor-made solution to suit.

All ERG Odour Control Systems are:

  • Purpose-designed by our process engineers to eliminate the cocktail of inlet odours to the required standard.
  • Optimised to give the best value capital and running costs.
  • Built and tested to current BS EN and WIMES specifications.
  • Guaranteed to achieve the required discharge odour concentration, and supported by our skilled and experienced maintenance team.

Minimising non-compliant emissions to atmosphere by regular, planned maintenance protects your reputation and saves you money. Our maintenance department can help keep your air pollution and odour control systems running effectively and at the lowest operating costs. Our specialist engineers are experts in maintaining most types of odour and air pollution control equipment and always work to the highest safety standards. We often save clients many thousands of pounds by repairing and enhancing dilapidated air pollution and odour control equipment.

We are a framework supplier for odour control maintenance to Southern Water, Scottish Water and Severn Trent Water, regularly maintaining more than 120 sites.