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Measurit Technologies Ltd

Measurit is the distributor of Check-Flex rubber check valves, and we have the biggest inventory of inline and duckbill style valves in Europe.

We have supplied valves from 18-2700mm on many innovative drainage designs. Check-Flex rubber check valve facilitates sustainable drainage design by maximising gravity flow and reducing or eliminating pumping costs. The valves are passive and require no external power.

Two models of Check-Flex valves, duckbill style and inline style, are available. These models offer the optimum maintenance free and reliable backflow prevention at any location, including severe coastal sites. The fibre reinforced vulcanised construction (similar to a tyre), offers a long service life, over twenty years.

The Check-Flex G3 and G4 model duckbill valves are ideal for preventing silt and sand ingress at the end of a pipe. These valves function as variable area nozzles and find application in effluent diffuser systems in rivers and oceans, and mixing systems.

The Check-Flex G5 inline valves are an ideal retrofit to resolve odour and backflow problems from municipal sewers. These valves are a universal fit to either the inlet or outlet pipe in a chamber. The direct seal to the pipe by an expanding clamp allows fast and leak free installation.

Rubber check valves gained recognition as the default choice for reliable operation in critical backflow prevention in drainage, especially in challenging coastal and estuary locations.

Today, Check-Flex valves deliver long maintenance free service life in all drainage applications.