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Western Carbons Ltd

Western Carbons is the leading producer of anthracite filter media in the UK. All our products are produced and certificated to the DIN and European standards and our quality control is audited to ISO 9001:2000.

As a company we provide a total filter servicing package which includes:

  • Filter investigations
  • Filter media testing
  • Filter media supply and installation
  • Filter refurbishments, RGF’s, slow sand filters and pressure filters
  • Monolithic floor design and construction
  • Filter media washing
  • Wastewater filter refurbishment

Western Carbons have developed an in-house filter media pumping system which provides a clean, quick and economical method of filter media installation. If required, we can recycle the water used for the installation of the filter media. By eliminating, in many cases, the need to transport the media in bulk plastic bags we provide a means of actually reducing our carbon footprint, not just saying that this is our intent.