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Bollfilter UK Limited

Bollfilter UK is a team of highly motivated, positive and professional people with extensive knowledge and experience of the filtration industry. Here are some recent testimonials.

As the dedicated technical sales arm of Boll & Kirch – Europe’s leading manufacturer of automatic water filters – Bollfilter UK provides complete filtration solutions and expertise through the supply of quality equipment, servicing, spares and support.

Boll automatic filters are widely used by the UK water treatment industry thanks to their reliability, performance and durability. Featuring unique backflushing technology, they are provide low maintenance filter protection for tertiary waste water systems and primary potable water treatment plant and are ideal for unmanned sites.

For potable water applications, Boll automatic filters can protect water treatment plant, such as membrane, UV disinfection, DAF recycling and ion exchange systems with a typical filtration level of 10-500 microns.

For waste water treatment, Boll automatic filters can screen final effluent down to 50 microns for intermediate wash water equipment, such as screens, belt thickeners, filter presses and centrifuges. They can also protect NSAF and sand filters and be used with disc filters to prevent spray nozzles from blocking.

For final effluent washwater booster pump protection, where overall pressure in the system is low but high pressure washwater is available, a Boll automatic filter fitted to the washwater feed will remove particulates to ensure efficient performance of pumps and keep downstream nozzles free from blocking.

Where automatic filtration is not required, i.e. on cleaner systems or for very coarse filtration, Boll & Kirch also offer a range of simplex and duplex manual strainers.

Bollfilter UK is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations from the first point of contact to the selection and supply of equipment, commissioning, after-sales support, spare parts advice recommendation and timely supply, on-site service/maintenance and training, and work for continual improvement through training and development.

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