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Rotork is a market-leading global provider of mission-critical intelligent flow control solutions for the industrial actuation and flow control markets. We operate across three divisions: oil and gas, water and power, and chemical, process and industrial (CPI). We are a global company with 3,300 employees serving 170 countries.

Customers rely on us for innovative, high-quality, and dependable solutions for managing their flow control applications. We help customers worldwide improve efficiency, reduce emissions, minimise their environmental impact, and assure safety.

We provide premium actuators, predominantly electric, and gearboxes for applications in the water industry. Our products and services solve water management, quality, and scarcity challenges and automate, electrify, and digitalise our customers’ processes.

Our products effectively control thousands of valves in the water and wastewater industry. They are utilised for potable water treatment, including filtration, desalination, and distribution. We also help manage the water levels in dams, reservoirs, and irrigation systems.

The IQ3 Pro range is renowned for being one of the industry’s most robust and intelligent actuators. It has full mobile app integration with control and communication capabilities. Data logs from the actuator can be extracted via the Rotork App. Users can export them to Rotork’s Insight 2 software for further analysis or send them to our cloud-based intelligent asset management (iAM) system. The data logger can record up to 3,000 events, providing a comprehensive record of actuator performance.

Our service solutions increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Our dedicated site services team offers long-term aftersales care, including planned and predictive maintenance and end-of-life decommissioning.

Water scarcity is resulting in greater investment in leak detection and monitoring, as well as water reuse and recycling. With climate change affecting the availability of water in many areas of the world, there is an increasing need for processes that will maximise existing resources, such as desalination plants and water reuse projects.