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CSO Group

CSO Group provides turnkey pollution solutions for Air Pollution Control, Wastewater Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion and wider Industrial applications. CSO Group operates throughout the UK and have also supplied equipment into Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australasia.

We provide a full range of odour abatement solutions from simple carbon filters to three stage chemical scrubbing systems, Biofilters, Bio-trickling filters, UV photo-oxidation, regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTOs), and of course our acclaimed Terminodour system for low cost odour control which is particularly suited to dealing with high volume low odour concentrations.

CSO Group provide a wide range of wastewater treatment plant including, 5 different storm tank flushing systems, a wide range of flow regulators, as well as, powered and non-powered CSO screens and the Lackeby Products Roto-Sieve for fine screening and MBR protection. CSO Group are also partnered with BGU of Germany and offer their advanced range of flow limiters and storm tank capacity maximisation systems.

CSO Group are a technology partner with Weber of Germany in the supply and install of thermoplastic chemical handling equipment, including bulk storage and process tanks, road tanker offloading units and chemical dosing cabinets.

CSO Group provide a wide range of products for the AD sector including Biogas Desulphurisation, Pasteurisation systems, Ferric Dosing systems, and a variety of AD ancillary products. The Lackeby range of sludge/sludge and sludge/water heat exchangers compliments our offerings in the AD sector.

CSO Group operate an ISO 9001 QMS system, an ISO14001 EMS system, an ISO45001 Health and Safety management system, Elite CHAS accreditation and are Cyber Essentials certified.