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North Jeddah Pumping Station

Terminodour™ Odour Control System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Terminodour distribution ductwork in the screening area

The North Jeddah pumping Station is the world’s second deepest pumping station and the third largest. It is approximately 72m deep and 42m wide, the pumping station has the capacity to pump more than 1.1 million m3/day. Screening and grit removal equipment is located deep in the tunnel on a floor immediately above the flow channels.


CSO’s TerminodourTM system was installed to provide a working environment for operators on the screening floor level and provide odour abatement by injecting ionised air beneath the screening floor into the wet well itself. Three 6.19 m3/s TerminodourTM air handling units (AHU’s) complete with salt/sand filters were installed above ground and the ionised air delivered to down to the screening floor level and wet well via a distribution ductwork designed by CSO. The system is controlled via a PLC designed by CSO that links into the site SCADA system.


There are three TerminodourTM AHU’s operating in a duty/duty/standby configuration with regular rotation between each AHU. The TerminodourTM process combines ventilation and ionisation technology to provide efficient air distribution with maximum oxidation capacity to deliver highly effective odour control and reduce H2S inspired corrosion.

(left) HMI/PLC control system and (right) three Terminodour AHU’s mounted above ground

(left) HMI/PLC control system and (right) three Terminodour AHU’s mounted above ground

Technical data

Capacity 12.38m3/s
Power consumption 8.0kW per AHU (approx.)
Dimensions 3 (N0.) 5m x 2m x 2m (approx.)
Material 316 stainless steel



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