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Marsa WasteServ Facility

Combined Terminodour™ & Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser odour control system in Malta

Courtesy of CSO Group

The WasteServ facility in Marsa, Malta is a combined incineration and autoclave facility responsible for processing category 1, 2 & 3 waste for the island of Malta. The autoclave facility is used to recycle bonemeal, tallow and other byproducts from fallen livestock and associated animal byproducts for sale in secondary markets. The Autoclave facility was original designed with an extraction system and a three stage chemical scrubber. The client asked CSO to redesign the odour control system to provide a high performance system that would prevent odour being discharged into the surrounding area. As part of the redevelopment of the site, a new waste marshalling building was constructed to provide additional storage for fallen livestock and waste prior to onward processing to provide suitable odour control options.

Autoclave Building Solution

Due to the high temperature processes within the building and periodic nature of the operation of the autoclaves a 2 stage odour control solution was selected. The Terminodour ionisation system provides continuous in situ odour treatment throughout the entire autoclave facility, during period in which the autoclaves are not functioning the background odour levels can be adequately managed with the Terminodour system alone. For periods in which the autoclaves are operating, the odour loads are too severe for the Terminodour system to manage alone. Therefore an extraction system incorporating a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) along with a 33m high discharge stack was selected to manage odour loads during these periods of high odour production. The RTO works by heating the extracted air to approximately 800°C which thermally oxidises the odour prior to discharge via the 33m high discharge stack.

Autoclave Building Data

Terminodour volume 32,760 m3/hr
RTO extraction volume 94,968 m3/hr
Odour loading 500,000 OUm3
Required performance 95% reduction in total odour

Courtesy of CSO Group

Courtesy of CSO Group

Waste Marshalling Building Solution

The Waste Marshalling Building is predominantly used to store incoming material prior to treatment and contains no active processes within the building. With low background odour loads expected, a Terminodour ionisation system was selected to provide continuous in situ odour control within the building without the need for an extraction system.

Waste Marshalling Building  Data

Terminodour volume 15,000 m3/hr
Odour load Ammonia, hydrogen sulphide & VOCs
Required performance 90% reduction in total odour



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