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Anglian Water

By geographical area, Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales, stretching from the Humber to the Thames estuary, and then from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast - an area in excess of 27,500 square km.

The company operates over 1,250 water and wastewater treatment works and has over 112,833 km of water and wastewater pipes, servicing approximately six million domestic and business customers.

Colchester Advanced Digestion Project (2014)
Advancing the frontiers of enhanced digestion treatment
Chelmsford WwTW (2010)
New aeration lane to increase overall capacity
Whitlingham & Great Billing Sludge Treatment Centres (2010)
Anglian Water’s AMP4 Biosolids Programme: a story of integration, innovation and challenge
Wing Water Supply (2010)
For growth in South and East Midlands
Basildon WwTW (2009)
Increased efficiency aeration from improved design
Fring WTW (2009)
Nitrate reduction project
Great Yarmouth FAS (2009)
Great Yarmouth Flooding Alleviation Project
Cotton Valley STW (2008)
Innovative refurbishment
Flag Fen WwTW (2006)
Upgrade to meet the future
Lyng Forge WTW (2006)
A £1.8m quality compliance project
Rendlesham STW (2006)
Bio bubble – Secondary Treatment Works Improvements
Weelsby WTW (2006)
Includes development of three new on-site boreholes
Whittlesey & Chatteris STWs (2005)
Quality programme and Capital Maintenance Schemes
Wrentham WwTW (2005)
New Bio-Bubble SBR plant to meet higher consent standards
Anglian Water Sludge Strategy (2004)
Upgrading to meet BioSolids regulations
Melbourn WwTW (2004)
Bio-Bubble SBR – secondary treatment works improvements
Sculthorpe WwTW (2003)
Bio-Bubble SBR – provides full secondary treatment for all flows
Broughton WwTW (2002)
Anglian Water install Bio Bubble SBR plant
Cromer WwTW (2002)
Meeting requirements for secondary treatment