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Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water Limited operates in the north east of England, trading as Northumbrian Water, and in the south east of England, trading as Essex & Suffolk Water.

Covering a combined area of over 12,260 square kilometres, the company operates 29 impounding reservoirs, 57 water treatment works, 359 water pumping stations, 338 water service reservoirs and 25,624 km water mains. In the north-east. NWL provides water and sewerage services to 2.7 million people. Here the company operates 414 sewage treatment works, 731 sewage pumping stations and 33,000 km sewers.

Nuns Moor Pilot Sustainability Study (2013)
An integrated approach to surface water management
Seaham SPS (2013)
Upgrade of storm screening facility
Hendon STW Sludge Dewatering (2011)
Delivering Northumbrian Water’s updated sludge strategy
Longbenton FAS (2011)
Protecting properties from flooding in North Tyneside
Stressholme STW (2010)
STW upgraded to increase process capacity
Whitley Bay Flood Alleviation Scheme (2010)
Extensive history of sewer flooding removed
Bran Sands RSTC Advanced Digestion (2009)
Advanced anaerobic digestion facility – from sludge drying to digestion
Acomb Crescent FAS (2008)
CSO & overflow pipework removes properties off flood register
Bran Sands ETW & RSTC (2007)
Maintaining NWL’s ‘flagship’ sludge disposal site
Darlington (Victoria Road) CSO (2005)
CSO & Skerne siphon improvements
Syleham WTW (2005)
£1.8 million reservoir to safeguard supply
Kirklevington STW (2004)
Two RBCs replace 1960s plant to meet new consent
Ormesby WTW (2004)
Upgrading plant to meet new compliance values
Skinningrove STW (2004)
Northumbrian Water’s new STW for sensitive NE coast area
UV Disinfection Programme (2002)
£12m UV disinfection programme