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Avluburun Hepp Turbine Generator

Turbine generator installation at Kartepe in Kocaeli Province, Turkey

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd


  • Customer: ISU Genel Mudurlugu
  • Turbine type: Streamline Pelton
  • Number of turbines: 1
  • Power: 170 kW
  • Net head: 107.80m
  • Flow: 0.18m3/s
  • Runner dia: 550 mm
  • Speed: 750 rpm

The Avluburun HEPP was installed by ISU Genel Mudurlugu (ISU) on their existing drinking water system. The turbine-generator unit acts as a power recovery break pressure device within the drinking water system. Rather than using energy dissipating valves to reduce the water pressure to the required value ISU decided to install a turbine-generator unit to recover the power available in the water at the entrance to the water storage tank.

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

A careful study of the whole pipework system associated with the hydroelectric installation was carried out which included transient modelling all possible scenarios that could affect the integrity of the drinking water pipework system as a result of the operation of the new and existing turbine-generator systems.

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd


  • Gilkes horizontal Streamline Pelton Turbine Model 550 P316 TJP
  • Penstock connection pipe
  • Turbine main inlet valve (MIV)
  • MIV automatic pressure equalising bypass
  • Synchronous generator 400V, 214.5 KVA, 0.9 PF
  • Hydraulic pressure unit (HPU) for turbine, MIV and MIV bypass
  • Turbine energy dissipating bypass valve
  • Flowmeter
  • Control and SCADA system
  • Electrical balance of plant
  • Delivery to the project site

The contract for the supply of the M&E equipment was awarded to Gilkes Elektromekanik San. Ve Tic. A.S., a joint venture company between Gilkes in the UK and Marbeyaz Makina Sanayi A.S. in Turkey.

The joint venture company was set up in January 2015 to focus on supplying hydroelectric equipment packages in Turkey and neighbouring countries with the aim of manufacturing and procuring all equipment in Turkey to take advantage of the Turkish government FIT incentives for products manufactured in Turkey. All tendering, design, supervision of assembly, installation, commissioning, start up and testing is provided by the UK team with Gilkes Elektromekanik overseeing the manufacture of the turbine by its partner Marbeyaz and the sourcing of ancillary plant defined by Gilkes from the Turkish market.

Gilkes Elektromekanik is one of the first companies in Turkey to have been accredited by the TSE with certification for local manufacture to allow the project owner to be eligible the FIT incentive.



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