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Pattack Hydro Scheme

Ardverikie Estate, Loch Laggan, Scotland

Courtesy of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon

The Pattack hydro project is the largest storage project to be built in the Scottish highlands in recent years, and is the third scheme that Gilkes have been supplied equipment to on the Ardverikie estate. Previous schemes were in 1935 and 1986.

The project has a new mass concrete dam utilising 3,300m3 of concrete. It has created a new small lochan by impounding 196,000m3 of stored water, which is delivered to the turbine via a 6,500m penstock pipe.

Due to the storage element of this scheme Francis turbines were selected as the most suitable, achieving a peak efficiency of over 92%. The Gilkes designed control system employs sophisticated programming and algorithms, fine-tuned on site by Gilkes commissioning team, to maximise the storage potential of the site.

SCOPE OF SUPPLY: Full water to wire package including:

      • 2 x Gilkes Francis Turbines
      • 2 x 1000rpm Synchronous Generators
      • 2 x Main inlet valves (Hydraulic weight to close butterfly valve)
      • Control Panels
      • Hydraulic Control Modules
      • Installation
      • Commissioning

The small footprint of the Francis turbines, and by close co-operation with the civils designers, enabled the powerhouse size to be minimised and also partially buried. This minimises any visual impact in this beautiful area.

The Ardverikie estate, on the shores of Loch Laggan, is a popular film location and has made appearances in several films and TV series.

Key statistics: Turbine 1
  1. Turbine type: Francis
  2. Mechanical power: 3068kW
  3. Electrical power: 2995kW
  4. Net head: 142
  5. Flow: 2390
  6. Runner diamater: 625
  7. Speed: 1000
Key statistics: Turbine 2
  1. Turbine type: Francis
  2. Mechanical power: 2053kW
  3. Electrical power: 1995kW
  4. Net head: 152
  5. Flow: 1525
  6. Runner diameter: 525
  7. Speed: 1000


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