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Veolia Water Technologies UK

SIRION Advanced RO Systems

Advanced premium reverse osmosis energy efficient solutions for the production of highly purified water

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has launched two new SIRIONTM range models – the SIRIONTM PRO and the SIRIONTM Advanced. Integrating advanced digital monitoring capabilities, these premium RO solutions are the ideal energy efficient solutions for the production of highly purified water and can provide facilities with substantial operational savings.

Through 11 fully standardised models, both systems offer a solution for each required permeate flow, from 100 to 5000 l/h, making them suitable for a wide variety of process water applications including industrial, healthcare and laboratory.

Complementing the existing SIRIONTM range, both the PRO and Advanced systems incorporate enhanced digital features. This includes seamless integration with VWT UK’s AQUAVISTATM digital services, which enable real-time performance optimisation via the cloud-based platform as well as a seven-inch user-friendly HMI touch screen. Designed with ease of operation in mind, on both systems the touch screen is fully configurable and allows for simple monitoring of the system’s pressure, temperature, conductivity and flow rate values.

Operational savings are made through the use of low energy VROTM membranes requiring a lower operating pressure in order for the systems to operate, as well as a concentrate throttling valve so that flow can be adjusted to suit actual process water demands. An optional energy saving variable frequency drive (VFD) is also available.

Both the SIRIONTM PRO and the SIRIONTM Advanced have an attractive compact user-friendly design enabling greater flexibility when installing in more challenging plant room spaces, without compromising on maintenance access. Both are also skid-mounted to facilitate short lead times and the robust design with plastic covers provides the RO system with the necessary protection. A plug-and-play device, installation and start up on both systems is also quick and easy.

In addition, the SIRIONTM Advanced includes options for a conductivity and temperature feed water sensor, connections for acid or caustic dosing stations, a connection for an antiscalant dosing station plus additional universal inputs and outputs.

Veolia Water Technologies provides the complete range of services required to design, deliver, maintain, and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems for industrial clients and public authorities. The company’s extensive portfolio of technologies features everything from online diagnostic solutions to evaporation and crystallization, energy-producing sludge treatment, state-of-the-art desalination, laboratory-grade water, and mobile water services. By optimizing both processes and monitoring, Veolia Water Technologies helps clients reduce their water footprint while generating considerable savings in energy and chemical consumption.


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