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Usk Reservoir (2023)
Whitehall Distribution Service Reservoir (2023)
Clough Bottom Impounding Reservoir (2023)
Rivington Upper Impounding Reservoir (2023)
Green Recovery: Decarbonising Water Resources (2023)
Layer to Langford Pipeline (2023)
King George V Reservoir (2023)
Lower Barden Reservoir (2023)
Ovingham Raw Water Pumping Station (2023)
Severn Trent Borehole Capital Maintenance (2022)
Installation of the twin pipe siphon system at Dean Clough Reservoir - Courtesy of Costain
Dean Clough Lower Impounding Reservoir (2022)
(top left) Construction of the original weir gates, (top right) weir gates following flood event, (bottom left) the weir gates prior to upgrade and (bottom right) the new weir gates - Courtesy of NI Water
Faughan Raw Water Pumping Station (2022)
Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir (2022)
Riding Mill Raw Water Pumping Station (2022)
Stratford St Mary Pumping Station (2020)
BRP – Raw Water Project – Birmingham Resilience Project (2020)
Garreglwyd Raw Water Supply Main (2019)
Abberton Scheme – Wormingford Pumping Station (2013)
Highwood Bankside Storage Reservoir (2013)
River Ashop & River Noe Silt Issues (2013)
Heavily Modified Water Directive Assessments (2013)
River Strule Abstraction Project (2014)
Val De La Mare Dam – Fibre Optic Monitoring (2014)
Eastergate Well Refining (2014)
Blagdon Pumping Station & Intake Upgrade (2014)
Abberton Reservoir Enhancement (2012)
Park & Stannon China Clay Pits Raw Water Abstraction (2011)
Catchment Management Tools (2011)
Lopwell Pumping Station (2010)
Throwley & Kettle Hill Groundwater Sources (2007)
Monkton Combe Emergency Water Supply (2006)
New River Aqueduct (2006)
North Essex Water Abstraction Source (2006)
Bridlington Water Rationalisation Strategy (2006)
Sunderland Groundwater Stations (2003)
Bell Green Water Supply Project (2003)
Cryptosporidium Barrier (2002)
Pathogen Protection at Groundwater Sources (2002)
Island Barn Reservoir Remedial Works (2018)
Upper Chelburn Impounding Reservoir (2018)
Audley Borehole Pumping Station (2018)
BRP – Raw Water Project – Birmingham Resilience Project (2018)
Gouthwaite Impounding Reservoir (2018)
Stanford Reservoir Spillway Extension (2018)
Trinity Broads Mud Pumping Project (2018)
Heybridge Sea Gate & Lock Gate Replacement (2017)
BRP – PAC Dosing System – Birmingham Resilience Project (2017)