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Thames Water

Thames Water operates across London and the Thames Valley supplying water services to 9 million customers and wastewater services to 14 million.

On average, each day the company supplies 2.6 billion litres of drinking water, and removes and treats more than 4 billion litres of sewage. The company operates and maintains 100 water treatment works, 30 raw water reservoirs, 288 pumping station, 235 underground service reservoirs and 32,000 kilometres of mains. For its wastewater services, assets include 350 sewage treatment works (including Beckton, the largest in Europe), 108,000 km of sewer, 2,530 pumping stations and 1.2 million manholes. The company generates 176 GWh of renewable electricity, making it the largest generator of ‘green power’ within the M25.

Lee Tunnel - Tideway Pumping Station (2015)
An 87m deep/38m diameter pumping shaft to transfer the volume of the Lee Tunnel to Beckton STW
Swindon STW - Inlet Works (2015)
Network and growth upgrade scheme
Abbey Mills Pumping Station (2014)
Motor & switchgear replacement
Beckton & Crossness THPs (2014)
Advanced sludge digestion facility (ESDF) powers up at Beckton and Crossness
Harlow Network Upgrade (2014)
New wastewater pumping station and storage shaft allows for future growth east of Harlow
Lee Tunnel - TBM Drive & Tunnel Lining (2014)
London’s deepest sewer – the main TBM drive and tunnel lining
Oxford STW - Sludge Stream Upgrade (2014)
Working with Thames Water to meet their sludge management targets and regulatory drivers
Lee Tunnel - TBM Launch (2013)
Complicated TBM launch to prevent 16m3 of storm water and sewage being discharged annually
Oxford STW - Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (2013)
Bio Thelys® thermal hydrolysis plant provides green energy from sewage sludge
Basingstoke & Bracknell STWs - NVZ Schemes (2012)
Optimising sustainability in wastewater treatment
Beckton STW - Odour Control (2012)
Primary sedimentation tank odour project
Camberley, Chertsey & Crawley STWs - NVZ Schemes (2012)
The Nitrogen Vulnerable Zone dewatering challenge
Lee Tunnel - Shaft Construction (2012)
London’s largest & deepest shafts to eliminate sewage discharges to the River Lee
Sudbourne Road (Brixton) FAS (2011)
Investment in Brixton to remove properties from the Sewer Flooding History Database
Thames Tideway Tunnel - Overview (2011)
Creating a cleaner, healthier River Thames – an overview
Mogden STW (2010)
A £15m refurbishment project for Thames Water
Farmoor WTW (2009)
Combined upgrades to meet SOSI compliance
Hornsey WTW (2009)
New River bromate removal scheme
West Ham FAS (2009)
£65m project improves environment for residents
Farmoor WTW (2008)
DAF upgrade
Fobney AWTW (2008)
Process upgrade to increase output
Slough STW (2006)
Discfilter tertiary treatment to meet tighter consent
Lane End WTW (2005)
Darent Alf, restoring flows in the River Darent
Perry Oaks - Iver South Sludge Processing Centre (2005)
Perry Oaks processing centre makes way for Terminal 5
High Wycombe STW (2004)
£42m scheme improves environment & eases housing shortage
Reading STW (2004)
£80m Thames ‘state of the art flagship’ commissions in 2004
Dorney WTW (2003)
Cryptosporidium removal plant for borehole water
Rye Meads STW - Upgrade (2003)
Refurbishment & upgrade to meet new consent
Riverside STW (2002)
Phase 2 improvements – aeration
Royal Oak Pumping Station (2002)
Refurbishment & upgrade to cure capacity problems
Swinford WTW (2002)
Uprating north Oxfordshire plant to meet demand