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Aerzen Machines

Established in 1864, Aerzen are an International market leader supplying Roots type blowers, screw blowers, screw compressors and Turbo blowers for water and waste water applications. Aerzen have extensive experience in aeration, RGF filter scour and digester/landfill gas positive displacement to the Water Industry. To this end they currently hold Supply Frameworks with many UK Water providers and have supplied all other UK and Irish Water Companies over many years.

Specialising in high volume, low pressure oil-free machines where high reliability is required, units are PED rated and can be ATEX certified. Machines are supplied in accordance with the WIMES Specification.

Package blower and compressor sets can be delivered in acoustic enclosures with intake filter, outlet silencer, drive assembly and monitoring gauges. All items are specifiable to ensure tailored solutions regard low noise levels or paint specifications.

Air blower and screw blowers offer flow rates 30 to 15000 m3hr up to 1.5 barG. Single stage screw compressors can deliver 200 to 15000 m3hr at 1 to 3.5 barG and double stage up to 10 barG.

The Aerzen range of Turbo units has now been installed for many years in UK water treatment applications. The durability of the stainless steel impeller, ensures that blade shape and efficiency is maintained long-term. Complete with an integral invertor and plc, the machines offer high efficiency and reliability. Available in a large range of sizes, the machine are readily available with deliveries typically achievable within 12 weeks from order. Aerzen now offer a UK based service team and spares available within 48 hours – for even the most extensive repair.

With such a range of machines and sizes available Aerzen have developed their ‘Performance3’ concept – offering the most appropriate solution for the application in question. This could mean a combination of technologies to offer the best whole life costs.

Aerzen offer an in-house repair and servicing capability for their whole range of machines, with on-site planned maintenance and hire options.