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Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water to around 2 million homes throughout Yorkshire, supplying 1.3 billion litres of treated water every day, as well as collecting, treating and disposing of about one billion litres of wastewater safely back into the environment.

This is made possible with an asset base of more than 700 water and sewage treatment works, 62,000 miles of water and sewerage mains and 120 reservoirs across Yorkshire.

Bransholme Surface Water Pumping Station (2015)
Flood protection for the Bransholme and Kingswood catchment
Esholt WwTW - Bio-Energy Installation (2013)
Optimising the production and utilisation of biogas from sewage sludge
Acomb Landing WTW (2012)
Rebuilding York’s water treatment works
Blackburn Meadows WwTW - Bio-energy Digester (2012)
A new sludge treatment facility for Yorkshire Water
Esholt STW - Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (2012)
New process provides ‘green’ energy from sewage sludge
Lower Laithe Reservoir (2012)
Spillway improvements and clay core raising
Yorkshire Water rBWD - Scarborough WwTW (2012)
investment to achieve ‘excellent’ bathing water standards
Acomb Landing WTW (2011)
New 35Ml/d DAF plant for the City of York
Hemingbrough WwTW (2010)
Urban waste water treatment directive scheme
Pocklington WwTW (2010)
A compact solution to provide treatment to meet FFD consent
Eccup No1 WTW (2009)
Quality and base amalgamation
Eccup WTW - Ozone Plant (2009)
Ozone system upgrade
Ewden & Graincliffe WTWs (2009)
Raw water colour reduction schemes
Melbourne WwTW (2009)
A different approach to meeting a new consent
Moor Monkton RPS (2009)
Pumps and HV switchgear replacement
Thornton Steward WTW (2008)
Increased capacity and process stability
Harlow Hill WTW (2007)
Trihalomethane reduction scheme
High Royd WwTW (2007)
£3 million upgrade at Yorkshire Water’s Calder Valley Site
Nutwell WTW (2007)
Nutwell WTW and Doncaster area strategy
Langsett WTW (2006)
Trihalomethane Compliance
Loftsome Bridge WTW (2006)
Pesticide & trihalomethane reduction scheme
Mitchell Laithes STW (2006)
Digester roof refurbishment
Towngate CSO (2006)
Hiding new prefab CSO in a town centre roundabout
Wortley STW (2006)
Ingenious solution saved six weeks, cut risks, and costs
West Bretton WwTW (2005)
‘Lean working’ pilot scheme delivering success
Yorkshire Water Incinerator Upgrades Part 3 (2005)
New effluent treatment plant satisfies latest EC legislation
Atwick WwTW (2004)
Team work & innovation provide solution
Balby WwTW (2004)
Delivering RQO compliance to a challenging programme
Bradford UID Improvement Scheme (2004)
Yorkshire Water’s largest AMP3 uID improvement scheme
Crofton WwTW (2004)
Meeting consent & improving river quality
Heckmondwike CSO (2004)
Cooperation & innovation solve double problem
Seamer WwTW (2004)
AMP 3 team deliver innovative tertiary treatment solution
Yorkshire Water Incinerator Upgrades Part 2 (2004)
Upgrade at four plants to meet Directive
Calder Vale STW (2003)
£8m upgrade improves effluent quality to River Calder
Eastwood WwTW (2003)
Uprating 50% of older secondary treatment to meet new consent
Harrogate North WwTW (2003)
Tertiary treatment using nitrifying sand filters
Skipsea WwTW (2003)
Yorkshire Water’s solution to sudden population changes
Yorkshire Water Incinerator Upgrades Part 1 (2003)
Yorkshire Water to upgrade 4 sites by December 2005
Chellow Heights WTW (2002)
Modifications for THM removal
Hornsea & Mappleton UWwTD Schemes (2002)
New treatment works, pumping stations and outfalls
Redacre WwTW (2002)
New £6m works improves effluent quality to River Calder
Winscar Reservoir (2002)
Membrane repairs to a leaking reservoir