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AUMA Actuators’ SLA with Anglian Water’s Extended to 2028

AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK), a world leader in electric valve actuation technology, has successfully extended its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Anglian Water until 2028

AUMA UK and Anglian Water worked in partnership to develop and deploy a new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators throughout the Anglian Water region. This extended SLA continues to provide Anglian Water with access to AUMA’s unique ‘rapid response’ service to replace both AUMA and other manufacturers’ equipment, as well as a ‘replacement in advance’ for critical actuators.

Cliff Marriner, Head of Integrated Maintenance Engineering, Anglian Water Services, says:

“Speed of response is essential to our operations. Given current global supply issues, AUMA’s ability to source and supply locally is a major benefit to us. They have been proactive in their approach which has helped us deliver our service to our customers. They have also introduced a number of added value innovations that demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile for our benefit.”

Anglian Water’s key objective is to maximise availability of actuated valve operations throughout its region. The size and operating parameters of each installation varies, with a wide range of  combinations of actuator, controls and drive coupling required to be available at short notice. AUMA’s extensive range of high performance actuators is designed using a modular approach to actuator components. Actuators can be quickly combined to provide a bespoke actuator assembly constructed to the exact requirements of applications.

Courtesy of AUMA Actuators Limited

Paul Hopkins is AUMA UK’s Managing Director. He says:

“We have worked closely with Anglian Water over a number of years now to refine and shape the service we are able to offer, creating the SLA that we have been able to put in place as part of our supply contract with them.

“This collaborative approach has enabled us to shape our service to closely match the needs of Anglian Water. We have also introduced a number of innovations – from reducing our environmental impact through the use of sustainable packaging, to improving health and safety by reducing time on site undertaking repairs. In addition, we have created a unique online Anglian Water Knowledge Base, which is accessible to all registered Anglian Water engineers and technicians. This provides 24/7/365 access to essential information, video tutorials and technical information.”

Under Anglian Water’s SLA, AUMA undertakes to receive a faulty unit along with its drive coupling and replace it either from new or from service exchange stock, along with a newly machined drive coupling, within the agreed parameters of the SLA. AUMA offers a ‘Replacement in Advance’ service for critical installations, where AUMA provides a complete replacement unit in advance of the return of the faulty one. Paul Hopkins continues:

“Reactive maintenance can lead to all sorts of issues, such as repairs that require ongoing attention. That’s why a scheduled service programme offers a range of benefits – from preventing issues before they happen to better time management.”

AUMA is also providing full training to Anglian Water maintenance staff through its AUMA Certified Engineering (ACE) training. Delivered on-site, on-line or in AUMA’s dedicated training suite at its head office in Clevedon, Somerset, ACE is a structured programme that trains Anglian Water technicians to install, operate, maintain and troubleshoot AUMA actuators, meeting asset management obligations to maintain equipment in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Accredited ACE Technicians are provided with ID cards to prove their level of competency.


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About AUMA Actuators Limited

Based in Clevedon, near Bristol, AUMA Actuators Limited is the UK subsidiary of the global AUMA Reister GmbH and Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of electric valve actuators, operating on every continent, with 2,300 employees in 30 locations.

AUMA is the world leader in modular electric valve actuators and gearboxes, supplying a full range of actuators right across the process, water, petrochemical and energy sectors. AUMA manufactures robust, reliable equipment with sophisticated control and connectivity options, backed up with exceptional service support.

AUMA benefits include:

  • Rugged and reliable products.
  • Double-sealed actuator housing to protect the electronics.
  • Tough and resilient finish.
  • Powerful, with multi-turn actuators from 7 to 59,000 ft lb (10 to 80,000 Nm) and thrust acceptance up to 900,000 lbs (4,000 kN) and part-turn actuators from 18 to 498,000 ft lb (25 to 675,000 Nm).
  • Worldwide availability and support.
  • Modular, user-friendly design.