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United Utilities

United Utilities provide water and wastewater services to around 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses in north-west England.

Every day, 2,000 million litres of treated water is distributed through a network of 42,000km of water mains and 1,400km of aqueducts. Raw water is collected and stored at the company’s reservoirs before being treated at one of 96 water treatment works. Wastewater is collected and distributed through a network of 72,000km of sewers and treated at the company’s 575 wastewater treatment works before being returned to the environment.

Carlisle WwTW (2015)
AMP 5 supply and demand upgrade
Barrow WwTW (2014)
New stormwater storage facility to improve bathing waters of Morecambe Bay
Blackburn WwTW UIDs (2014)
Works to modify the site and eliminate two unsatisfactory intermittent discharges
Preston 7 UIDs (2014)
Collaboration, innovation and success in the face of adversity
Davyhulme WwTW (2013)
Biostyr® BAFF plant refurbishment
High Lane Service Reservoir (2013)
AMP5 security of supply
Preston 32 UIDs (2013)
Water quality improvement for the River Ribble and the Fylde coast
Runcorn WwTW (2013)
£6.4m AMP5 refurbishment of a 1960s WwTW in Cheshire
Davyhulme WwTW (2011)
Delivering United Utilities’ sludge balanced asset programme
Ashton under Lyne WwTW (2010)
Collaborative team effort delivers all round success
Fleetwood WwTW (2010)
AMP4 supply and demand project
Leigh WwTW (2010)
VWS Hydrotech Discfilter tertiary treatment plant for United Utilities
Seathwaite Tarn Reservoir (2010)
Repairs to a remote reservoir in Cumbria
Workington WwTW (2010)
AMP4 modifications to the sludge treatment and disposal process
Kendal WwTW (2009)
Amp 4Q phosphate removal project
Wigan WwTW (2009)
Quality (Q) scheme
Windermere WwTW (2008)
Two drivers resolved by refurbishment project
Bromborough & Birkenhead WwTWs Odour Control (2007)
Odour control projects
Stockport WwTW (2007)
Early start project for UU’s Southern Area integrated alliance
Wigan WwTW - Inlet Works (2007)
Innovative design solution for United Utilities
St Helens WwTW (2005)
£20m complex construction project improves effluent quality
UID Programme (2005)
AMP 3 year 5 UID programme
Warrington North STW (2005)
£4 million enhancement to ensure effluent compliance
Wilmslow WwTW (2005)
£2.6m UU scheme improves effluent quality standard
Braystones WwTW (2004)
‘Greenfield’ WwTW for United Utilities on west Cumbria coast
Croal UID (2004)
18 outputs each with own criteria integrated into sewer network
Hyndburn WwTW (2004)
£12m quality & maintenance improvements
Leigh WwTW (2004)
New BAFF plant benefits local environment
Southport WwTW (2004)
Meeting new “Safe Sludge Matrix’ requirements
Cumbria & Ribble UV Projects (2003)
Part of United Utilities massive 2000-2005 investment
Sludge Pathogen Removal (2002)
15 multi-site projects in AMP3 programme
Watchgate WTW (2002)
Water quality improvements