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Severn Trent

Severn Trent supplies water to 7.4 million people, and sewerage services to 8.5 million people over an area of 21,000 square kilometres in central England and mid-Wales.

The company operates 181 water treatment works and 1,017 sewage treatment works and has 46,000 km of water mains and 54,000 km of sewers. Every day the company supplies approximately 1,900 million litres of water, and treats around 2,500 million litres of wastewater.

BRP - Overview - Birmingham Resilience Project (2015)
Safeguarding the water supplies to the UK’s second city
e5 Programme - Strongford STW (2014)
Restoring digestion efficiency and achieve phosphorus permit compliance
Armthorpe STW (2013)
IFAS process within an existing structure removed the need for extensive new build
Coalport STW (2012)
Primary treatment and activated sludge plant improvements
e5 Programme - Major Projects Overview (2012)
Severn Trent Water’s innovative programme delivery models
Minworth STW - Sludge Screening Efficiency (2011)
S:Max installation to increase sludge screening efficiency
Kenilworth Sewerage Strategy (2009)
Sewerage strategy to remove flooding from different sources
Loughborough STW (2008)
Activated sludge plant conversion & capital maintenance
Minworth STW - Upgrade: Part 2 (2008)
Collaborative alliance drives value & programme
Derby STW Sludge Digestion (2007)
Extension to sludge digestion facilities
Minworth STW - Upgrade: Part 1 (2007)
£100m upgrading scheme for Severn Trent’s largest STW
Stoke on Tern WTW (2007)
Installation of new nitrate treatment plant
Wanlip STW (2007)
£58m investment by Severn Trent Water
Buxton STW (2006)
Demolition of decommissioned STW & land reinstatement
Evesham STW (2006)
Phosphorus removal and tertiary treatment plant
Llanwrin WTW (2006)
Replacement disinfection scheme
Milford & Bednall WTW (2006)
Iron and manganese removal scheme
Monkmoor STW (2006)
£11.7m scheme upgrades performance of STW for Shrewsbury
Trent Vale Pumping Station (2005)
Part of UID AMP3 solutions in Stoke-on-Trent
Buxton STW (2004)
New £12.5m Membrane Bio-reactor to meet Fisheries consent
Hartshill WwTW (2004)
£6.5m project to renew, expand & meet new ammonia consent
Melbourne WTW (2004)
Rising mains renewal after several bursts
Packington STW (2004)
New oxidation ditches and inlet works
Stoke UIDs (2004)
A collaborative approach to delivery
Worksop STW (2004)
Phosphorus removal & tertiary treatment plant
Worksop STW Sludge Dryer (2004)
£3 million ‘Centridry’ plant is first in the UK
Derby STW (2003)
New works for old to serve PE of 500,000
Small STWs Programme (2003)
Delivery of small sewage treatment works projects
Cryptosporidium Barrier (2002)
Improving water quality at groundwater sources