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Major Sewer Upgrades in New Zealand

A temporary works solution for major sewer upgrades in Auckland, New Zealand

MGF have supplied specialist hire company Trench Shoring New Zealand (TSNZ) for the last 8 years during an excellent period of growth. During this time, TSNZ have expanded their fleet and added a variety of MGF equipment, including hydraulic brace systems and the breakthrough range GRiPSHORE®.

TSNZ proposed a temporary works solution for major sewer upgrades in Auckland, New Zealand. General Manager, Frank Swanberg identified hydraulic brace systems as the most effective solution for tank installations. The contractor required an open pit to work on stormwater and sewer diversion upgrades as part of the Waterview Dual 3 Lane Tunnel Project.

TSNZ have found they are recommending hydraulic systems more frequently to local clients due to ease of installation, providing stronger working environments and overall reduction in time.

Order details

  • Sector: Exports
  • Contractor: Trench Shoring New Zealand (TSNZ)
  • Products hired: 203, 200, Cross-Struts & Extensions

Chris Whitworth, International Sales Manager at MGF, stated:

“We delivered a 203 series brace system, 200 series struts, 60-tonne cross struts and multiple extensions to suit the specific dimensions of the cofferdam.”

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