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Alleviating Flooding at Beaumaris Castle

Installation of a surface water drainage system to alleviate the flooding at Beaumaris Castle

The project required the contractor to excavate within 25m of Beaumaris Castle – a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best examples of 13th and 14th century architecture in Europe attracting over 100,000 visitors last year.

Faced with the challenge of installing 600m of 1.5m diameter polypipe in 6m sections between existing manholes, John Kelly Construction spent time researching the products available on the market, before finding that MGF’s High Clearance Trench Boxes were ideal for the job.

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

The 7m x 2.9m wide High Clearance Trench Boxes coupled with Top Boxes saved time and money to the contractor when compared to sheets and frames. The strength of the box allows suitability and capability of going to 5m depth and having high clearance struts on both ends of the box allows access at both sides – ideal for installing larger diameter pipes.

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

Paul Cowen, Technical Sales for MGF commented:

“Beaumaris’ most recent floods in 2017 was the catalyst that something needed to be done regarding the surface water drainage system. MGF became involved to supply the excavation support equipment to alleviate the threat of flooding to protect the natural beauty and tourism trade in the area”.

MGF’s stock logistics team confirmed availability of the kit at our Dartford depot and coordinated transfer to the Astley depot before delivery to site with three 40ft articulated vehicles and two 15t wagons to ensure the order was met.

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

Courtesy of MGF Ltd

John Kelly, Managing Director of John Kelly Construction, stated:

“I was very impressed with MGF as a company as they were very quick to respond to our queries, provided designs and all equipment ordered arrived on site with no delays.”

  • Sector: Water & Utilities
  • Client: Isle of Anglesey County Council
  • Contractor: John Kelly Construction
  • MGF depot: North West – Astley
  • Products hired: High clearance trench box, top boxes & titan manhole box


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