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Southern Water

Southern Water provides water supply and wastewater treatment services across 4,450 square kilometres from East Kent, through parts of Sussex, to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Raw water is taken from aquifers (70%), rivers (23%) and from storage reservoirs (7%), and each day the company supplies 576 million litres of drinking water from 95 water treatment works along 13,700 km of water mains. The company also operates a sewer network of more than 39,200 km, and every day the company treats and recycles 1.3 billion litres of wastewater at 370 treatment works.

Fort Cumberland Storm Tank (2014)
A study of optimisation using computational fluid dynamics
Brighton & Hove WwTW (2013)
Peacehaven WwTW – commissioning to operations
Ashford Sludge Treatment Centre (2010)
Improvements to meet anticipated population rise to 150,000 by 2020
Canterbury Sewerage Scheme (2010)
Innovative solution to provide additional capacity to the sewerage system
Chichester WwTW (2010)
Biological nutrient removal plant
Eastney Pumping Station (2010)
£20m ten-point plan to protect Portsmouth from flooding
Fullerton STW (2010)
Upgrade to a major wastewater treatment plant for Andover, Hampshire
Maidstone - Woolley Road SuDS (2010)
Flood protection in Maidstone has less impact on the environment
Budds Farm WwTW (2008)
Combined heat and power project: Getting the most out of recycling waste
Peel Common STW (2008)
One of six schemes have nitrogen removal as common objective
Budds Farm WwTW (2007)
Nitrogen removal scheme
Portslade (South Street) FAS (2007)
South Street flood prevention scheme
Throwley & Kettle Hill Groundwater Sources (2007)
Groundwater sources in Area of Natural Beauty
Faversham Creek CSO Wildlife Protection (2005)
£24,000 scheme to make way for new rising main
K3 West (2005)
Learning lessons adds value for Southern Water
K3 East (2004)
£100m upgrade & refurbishing of more than 50 WwTWs
K3 West (2004)
3 example upgrades within five year £120 million investments
Bexhill & Hastings WwTW (2003)
Historic setting for £100m environmental improvement project
CSO Programme (2003)
186 intermittent discharges to be improved in K3 period
Sandown WwTW (2003)
Compact plant on brownfield site serves IOW
Hastings WwTW (2002)
Final phase of £100m environmental scheme
Shoreham WwTW (2002)
New compact treatment system used in £11m upgrade
Worthing WwTW (2002)
£17m upgrade improves coastal water quality