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Glass-coated steel stormwater storage tanks - Courtesy of @one Alliance
Cotton Valley WRC (2024)
New storm tank with control panel and access staircase - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Hawkchurch STW (2024)
Vanderkamp UK’s overpumping pipework - Courtesy of Anglian Water’s @one Alliance
Grays Sewer Rehabilitation (2024)
Drone photograph of completed site (May 2024) - Courtesy of Dawson WAM
Lower Woodburn WwPS (2024)
(left) Isolators and (right) new flow meters within chamber - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Offwell Storm Tank (2024)
View of Ravenhill Avenue & Ravenhill Road from Edge of Ormeau Park - Courtesy of GEDA Construction
Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast, Flood Alleviation Project (2024)
Compton STW with new screen and LISEP in place - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Inlet Enhancement Projects (2024)
(left) New EDM solar powered control kiosk and (right) new ultrasonic head in existing sewer - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Event Duration Monitoring Programme (2024)
Wilmington STW ARMPhos™ media filter bed in operation - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Wilmington STW (2024)
Inside the Galmpton stormwater storage tank - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Galmpton Catchment (2024)
The new EBPR ASP at Melton Mowbray STW - Courtesy of MWH Treatment
Melton Mowbray STW (2024)
Hamilton WwTW - Courtesy of Groundworks Scotland
Hamilton WwTW (2024)
Red Doles CSO (2024)
(left) A view of works underway at night, (middle) secondary lining complete, and (right) view from the base of the CSO drop shaft - Courtesy of Barhale
Tideway Central – Victoria Embankment (2024)
Loughries WwTW (2023)
Burnley WwTW Catchment Strategy (2023)
Ards North Long Sea Outfall (2023)
Hathershaw Fields CSO & Bardsley WwPS (2023)
Glenboi Flood Alleviation Project (2023)
Ringsend WwTP: Phosphorus Fixation (2023)
Tideway West – Barn Elms CSO Connection Tunnel (2023)
Roundhill & Lower Gornal STWs (2023)
Ards North Wastewater Improvement Scheme (2023)
Warrenpoint WwTW (2023)
Ballygowan WwTW (2023)
Southern Water WINEP (2023)
Arklow Long Sea Outfall (2023)
Norton, Presteigne & Weobley WwTWs (2023)
Newthorpe STW (2023)
Winchburgh WwTW (2023)
Goddards Green WwTW (2023)
Potters Way Sewer Rehabilitation (2023)
Stroud Sewerage Strategy Project: Part 2 (2023)
Sherston S101a – First Time Sewerage Scheme (2023)
Stratton SPS to Helebridge STW Rising Main (2023)
Guildford STW (2023)
Marhamchurch SPS (2023)
Beckton STW (2023)
Meadow Road Stormwater Tank (2023)
Knostrop STW (2023)
Deephams STW – Biomethane Project (2023)
Chilton Foliat STW Flow Compliance (2023)
Brook Street (Dawlish) CSO (2023)
Thankes Park Sewage Pumping Station (2023)
Finham Advanced Anaerobic Digestion (2023)
St Augustines Road Flood Alleviation (2023)
Stoke Bardolph STW – Anaerobic Digestion (2022)
Biodiversity Enhancement Plan - Courtesy of Penny Anderson Associates Ltd
Haxey-Graizlound STW (2022)
Horwich WwTW above-ground 8m high precast storm detention tank - Courtesy of A-Consult Ltd
Horwich WwTW (2022)
Welsh Water Dynamic Water Quality Assessment (2022)
Carlisle STW: Looking from inlet works with storm management area and tertiary treatment are - Courtesy of J Murphy & Sons
Carlisle WwTW (2022)
North London Heat & Power Sewer Diversion (2022)
Construction of the new main storm overflow shaft - Courtesy of Esh-Stantec JV
Johnson Street Storm Overflow Screening Project (2022)
Tideway East – Earl Pumping Station (2022)
Aerial of detention tank construction - Courtesy of United Utilities
High Frequency Risk Reduction: Moor Road (2022)
Detention tank shaft construction: (left) jacking ring and (right) roof beams installation - Courtesy of United Utilities
High Frequency Risk Reduction: Rock View (2022)
Clifton Wetlands - Ponds with plants and grass well-grown - Courtesy of BarhaleDoosan JV, Stantec UK & Yorkshire Water
Clifton Integrated Constructed Wetland (2022)
Southwaite WwTW (2022)
Completed Belfast STW ASP tanks - Courtesy of NI Water
Belfast WwTW (2022)
Gravity sewer pipe from Funke Gruppe - Courtesy of Envolve Infrastructure
Chippenham Gateway Sewer (2022)
Rothbury STW (2022)
Quin WwTP (2022)
Strongford STW – THP & LTP (2022)
Ellesmere Port IFAS plant - Courtesy of United Utilities
Ellesmere Port WwTW: Essar Upgrade (2022)
Stroud Sewerage Strategy Project: Part 1 (2022)
Final commissioning of key assets - Courtesy of United Utilities
Audley & Alsager WwTWs (2022)
United Utilities Maintenance Service Provider Framework (2022)
Hailsham STW: Tertiary treatment plant - Courtesy of CMDP JV
Hailsham South WwTW (2022)
Ballykelly WwTW - Courtesy of BSG Civil Engineering Ltd
Ballykelly WwTW (2022)
Aerial image of the completed Buxton STW - Courtesy of Severn Trent
Buxton STW (2022)
Aerial view of the Blackburn Nereda plant and tertiary treatment plant at Blackburn WwTW - Courtesy of United Utilities
Blackburn and Darwen WwTWs (2022)
Burnley WwTW: integration of new works into constrained site including earth bund of excavated material - Courtesy of United Utilities & Advance-plus
Burnley WwTW Catchment Strategy (2022)
Teversal S101a – First Time Sewerage Scheme (2022)
Digital visualisation of Bicester STW highlighting major areas of scope - Courtesy of MWH Treatment
Bicester STW (2022)
CoMag reaction tanks in ‘L’ shaped arrangement at Cannock STW - Courtesy of Severn Trent
Cannock STW (2022)
Figure 1 - Program Implementation Strategy - Courtesy of Stantec UK
Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Programe (2022)
Edale STW: New RBC and shared access road - Courtesy of MWH Treatment
Edale Mill Cottages STW (2022)
3 (No.) 1.27MVA generators and transformer kiosk - Courtesy of Arup
Cardiff Western District SPS (2022)
Roundhay Park Lane CSO (2022)
Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast, Flood Alleviation Project (2022)
Carlisle WwTW (2021)
Phosphorus Removal Enhancement Programme (2021)
High Frequency Risk Reduction: Garstang Road (2021)
Cog Moors Advanced Anaerobic Digestion Facility (2021)
Waverley Growth (2021)
Holloway Storm Relief Sewer (2021)
Dewatering system to drawdown the water table below the construction of an ASP tank - Courtesy of OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd
Groundwater Resource Management During Dewatering for Infrastructure Construction (2021)
Whitlingham Water Recycling Centre (2021)
SWELL – Strabane WwTW (2021)
SWELL – Donemana WwTW (2021)
SWELL – Warrenpoint WwTW (2021)
SWELL – Newpoint Terminal WwPS (2021)
SWELL – Shared Waters Enhancement & Loughs Legacy Project (2021)
Lletty Brongu & Ruthin STWs (2021)
Westnewton WwTW (2021)
Evenlode Phosphorus Trial (2021)
Telscombe Lower Portobello PS & Screening Works (2021)
Huddersfield Energy & Recycling Facility (2021)
Blackburn and Darwen WwTWs (2021)
Tideway East – TBM Delivery (2021)
Ringsend Main Lift Pumping Station (2021)
Tideway Central – Watertightness Testing (2021)
Burnley WwTW Catchment Strategy (2021)
West Huntspill WRC Bathing Waters Improvements (2021)
Hawkhurst South WwTW (2021)
Tideway Central – Albert Embankment Foreshore (2021)
Tideway Central – Main Tunnel Primary Lining (2021)
Tideway Central – Main Tunnel Secondary Lining (2021)
Tideway Central – Junctions (2021)
Tideway Central – Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore (2021)
Tideway Central – Falconbrook PS CSO Shaft (2021)
Ledbury & Brockhampton STWs (2021)
FilterClear installation at Barton WwTW - Courtesy of Bluewater Bio Ltd
Hayfield & Barton WwTWs (2021)
Tideway Central – Vortex Pipes (2021)
Walton S101a – First Time Sewerage Connection (2021)
River Parrett Twin CIPP Pressure Lining Renovation (2021)
Clabby WwTW (2021)
Withernsea Long Sea Outfall – Part 2 (2021)
Trusthorpe Outfall (2021)
Hollym, Myers Lane, WwTW (2021)
Lowdham, Gunthorpe Road, Flood Alleviation (2021)
Wolsingham STW (2021)
Maryville Avenue, Belfast, Flood Alleviation Project (2021)
Ashbourne STW (2021)
Kineton STW (2021)
Toome Road, Ballymena, Flood Alleviation Project (2021)
Hull WwTW – Project Update (2021)
Barkers Haugh STW (2021)
Marston Water Recycling Centre (2020)
East Worthing WwTW (2020)
Roundknowe CRFP (2020)
Woolston WwT Scheme – Part 5 (2020)
Tideway Central – Falconbrook Pumping Station (2020)
Counters Creek Flood Alleviation Scheme (2020)
Tideway Central – Marine Works (2020)
Tideway Central – Chelsea Embankment Foreshore (2020)
Morecambe WwTW Catchment Strategy: Part 3 (2020)
Ellesmere Port WwTW: Essar Upgrade (2020)
Westnewton WwTW (2020)
Maghaberry WwTW (2020)
Withernsea Long Sea Outfall – Part 1 (2020)
Tideway Central – Albert Embankment Foreshore (2020)
Leased Lines Replacement Project (2020)
HS2 Impact Assessment (2020)
Upperwood S101a – First Time Sewerage Scheme (2020)
Blackburn and Darwen WwTWs (2020)
Newham STW (Threemilestone Project) 2020
Brancote Sludge Treatment Centre (2020)
Northumberland & Halfway SPS (2020)
Brentwood STW (2020)
Newark Waste and Water Improvement Project (2020)
Portaferry Road Newtownards Wastewater Pumping Station (2020)
Hull WwTW (2020)
Oldham & Royton Integrated Strategy (ORIS) (2020)
Bolton-upon-Dearne WwTW (2020)
Rugby STW – BioMag Plant (2020)
Nottingham, Shakespeare Street, Flood Alleviation (2020)
Hookstone Road CSO (2020)
Kirk Hallam, Abbott Road, Flood Alleviation Scheme (2020)
Zouch S101a – First Time Sewerage Scheme (2020)
Phillipson Street CSO Scheme (2020)
Re–Rounder (2020)
Seaham STW – Inlet Works Upgrade (2019)
Anchorsholme Long Sea Outfall (2019)
Killingworth & Longbenton Water Management Ph 3 (2019)
Waterworks Bridge Reconstruction (2019)
Paisley Tunnel Project (2019)
Thanet Sewer Rehabilitation Scheme – Phase 2 (2019)
Cropwell Bishop STW (2019)
Earl Shilton STW (2019)
Kiln Road Sewage Pumping Station (2019)
Coleshill FWAD Biomethane Scheme (2019)
The fully-commissioned FilterClear plant comprises four filters and duty standby pumps and blowers - Courtesy of Bluewater Bio Ltd
Codsall STW (2019)
Scaynes Hill WwTW (2019)
Anchorsholme Outfall Pumping Station (2019)
Gulson Road (Coventry) Sewer Diversion (2019)
Medlock Quality Programme (2019)
Inverurie WwTW (2019)
Renny’s Lane Foul Sewer Rising Main Replacement (2019)
Goscote STW (2019)
Tideway East – Hydraulic Modelling (2019)
Davyhulme WwTW Modernisation Project (2019)
Walsall Wood STW (2019)
Slimbridge Infiltration Reduction (2019)
Blackburn and Darwen WwTWs (2019)
Barston STW (2019)
Quay Road Charlestown DG5 Flooding Scheme (2019)
Ardersier WwTW (2019)
Stocksbridge WwTW (2019)
Flass Vale (Durham) Sewerage Scheme (2019)
Woolston WwT Scheme – Part 4 (2019)
Kendal WwTW (2019)
Tideway West – Hammersmith PS (2019)
Crankley Point Terminal Pumping Station (2019)
Uttoxeter STW (2019)
Boughton STW (2019)
Pegswood STW (2019)
Ingoldisthorpe Water Recycling Centre (2019)
Alum Waters Sewer Flooding Alleviation Scheme (2019)
Morecambe WwTW Catchment Strategy: Part 2 (2019)